Dr. Bengt Arnesson

Mr. Bengt Arnesson is an entrepreneur and industrialist, born in Sweden. He has been residing and been active in Asia, Africa and the Middle East for more than 35 years.

He has been involved as an entrepreneur, and an investor in several companies in the Nordics and abroad since 1983. Mr. Arnesson graduated in Computer Science and Electronics, with further studies in Sweden at Linköping University (quantum physics) and Karlstads University (mathematics).

Mr. Arnesson started IBSP (Internet Business Service Provider) in 2005, a centralized internet-based service provider (cloud computing) with various cloud based applications for business and banking.

IBSP International Inc, is our head office in Florida, United States, with partner companies in United Kingdom and Hungary, offering clients cloud based banking services, (Internet Banking Service Provider).

Mr. Arnesson is often hired as speaker at various conferences and gatherings. He is also hired as a consultant for high-tech projects and international investment projects.

International advisor