Dr Tania Simmons

Amb Dr. Tania Simmons Rn, BSN is the CEO and founder of Healing for The Nations a global humanitarian work which has SDG UN initiatives such as clean water, food campaigns, education, and access to medical care. She carried this vision in her heart for 20 years before it came to fruition after her first husband passed away unexpectedly in Dec, 1996. Her heart is to help others first and foremost with true love and compassion developing strategic partnerships with diplomats, governmental leaders in many nations. She started a school in Pakistan with over 100 children and speaks on may global platforms concerning the importance of a quality education. She was awarded the International Nelson Mandela humanitarian Medal 2021 by Professor. Amb AbdullGhani Yahya Al-Ebarh leader of World Peace. She is also an international keynote speaker in executive leadership, strategic business collaborations and global medical infrastructure in London, Dubai, India, Pakistan and South Africa and many other nations. She has many years of experience in strategic leadership, international business development and humanitarian initiatives.

She is also the CEO and founder of Luxurious Living Corporation a multimillion-dollar property management company that has international investors in USA, Europe and Asia regions. She has also hosted tv, radio, podcast shows which have aired on Spotify and apple concerning issues of today’s pressing pandemic and society. She is also the founder of The Global Empowerment firm which helps empower others through workshops, conferences and seminars around the world. She has been in healthcare for over 25 years as a professor of nursing in didactic and clinical excellence and many other diverse areas of clinical expertise. Her background in healthcare is in Neuroscience and Ent oncology for over fifteen years where she has administration experience, helped innovate and increase excellent patient outcomes. She was also a nurse educator, appointed as medical director for outreach helping 8 different nations by developing a cost-efficient way of multi purposing medical equipment instead of wasting over 500,000 dollars of equipment. She also is the appointed chancellor for breakthrough seminary which is in Asia, UK, Africa, and Europe at this time. Her life has been also suffered with great pain but has turned that pain into purpose and coaches many through her strategic visionary platform which reaches over 30 nations. Her story is unique and filled with overcoming great adversity but inspires many into their own greatness finding the power of their own voice. Her book the power of your voice; finding your own authority within will be out this year. Currently she is an Amazon number one best seller as she co-authored with many global leaders and humanitarians “100 Women Red Blazer Award: leading high-level executives.” She has been invited on multiple award-winning platforms to be international director and country advisor such as positive thoughts global platform, IIU university, and many more. Among her prestigious appointments are international director for positive thoughts, international director USA for IIU university, Global Educators Network USA director and Country director for G-WEA Group work with SDG UN initiatives. She is results driven with forward thinking approach centered on company success and competitive growth. Demonstrated record of success in building successful global teams and managing profitable operations. Accomplished and well versed in assessing risk, developing solutions and implementing positive changes to achieve sustainability and growth in challenging market conditions. She is a decisive and strategic decision maker with a track record of success.
CEO /Founder