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When you’re fighting extra weight but can’t achieve the results you want, the medical weight loss program at Soni Medical can help you correct underlying problems to achieve success. Board-certified medical weight loss expert Prabhat Soni, MD, and the dedicated team offer 7-point weight loss programs at their locations in the Midwood neighborhood of Brooklyn and the Jamaica area of Queens. Book your appointment online or call either New York City office now.

Medical Weight Loss Q & A

Medical weight loss is a weight loss program a physician supervises. Dr. Soni, an expert weight management physician, supervises the medical weight loss program at Soni Medical with the help of his team.

They work together to customize a healthy weight loss solution to improve your whole-body health while dropping excess pounds.

Soni Medical offers a 7-point medical weight loss program that includes:

Appetite suppressants

Soni Medical offers FDA-approved appetite suppressant pills that control your appetite so you can lose weight without feeling like you’re starving.

Hormone balancing

Soni Medical offers hormone balancing to regulate the hormones that burn body fat, including cortisol, leptin, ghrelin.

Sleep disorder treatment

Sleep disorders like insomnia and sleep apnea can cause hormone imbalance and slow metabolism. Poor sleep can also lead to poor self-control and an increased urge to eat unhealthy high-calorie foods. The Soni Medical team treats both sleep apnea and insomnia to help you succeed in your weight loss program.

Medication modification

In some cases, the medications that you’re currently taking are causing weight gain or weight retention. Dr. Soni can modify your medications to maximize your weight loss if needed.

Allergy testing

Soni Medical performs blood and skin allergy tests to check for underlying food allergies, including gluten and lactose sensitivities, that could be preventing weight loss.

Colon detox

Colon detox cleanses your colon and relieves painful constipation. It’s also helpful in shedding excess weight.


As you start dropping the pounds, you may struggle with certain areas like your belly. Mini-liposuction targets those stubborn fat deposits painlessly and without any downtime.

The Soni Medical program can differ from one patient to another, so the team always considers your personal needs and goals carefully as they’re designing your weight loss plan.

Body composition testing measures your fat mass versus your lean mass. By testing your body composition, you can find out whether you have a healthy ratio of skeletal muscle and bone density.

As you lose weight, it’s vital that you drop only fat, not muscle, bone, or water. With regular body composition testing at Soni Medical, you can make sure that every pound you lose is pure fat.

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Soni Medical, Brooklyn, NY

Soni Medical, Brooklyn, NY

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