Age is just a number, here at SONI Medical we use comprehensive stem cell treatments that would reminisce you to your youthful, vibrant and energized days. Using our natural healing therapy and our scientifically proven treatment, we bring age under control.

PRP for Knee & Joints

With age, knees and joints give in and surgeries tend to be risky and ineffective. But at SONI Medical, our team has developed a specific PRP protocol that utilizes platelet rich plasma to activate white blood cells called "macrophages". These white cells then fight damaged cells and starts the recovery process.

This treatment helps to heal chronic knee and joint pain caused by age.

Hair Loss? We are here to help.

Thinning hair can affect our quality of life and self-esteem for both men and women. Despite of so many so called hair-loss treatments and fads, problem of hair loss is still un-addressed.

At SONI Medical, our team of Cosmetic therapist uses PRP Scalp Treatment to activate Stem-Cells that stimulates your hair follicles. For both men & women, we address the core of the problem in 90 minutes.

Hormone Pellets Therapy.​

Hormone pellets are one of the most natural and optimal ways to deliver hormones for both men and women. Only our team of best specialists have developed Hormone pellet therapy which uses a pellet implant placed under the skin; gradually releasing small, This significantly reduces the risk of serious health conditions, including heart disease, osteoporosis, diabetes and more. Patients will also notice an increase in energy, happiness, and overall well-being.

physiological doses of bio-identical hormones, providing an optimal delivery of essential hormones such as estradiol or testosterone.

Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy.

Hormones decrease with age, replenishing them with Bio-Identical Hormones can result in better memory, increased energy, healthier heart, stronger bones and a more youthful glow!

While hormones like estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone naturally decrease with age, the use of bio-identical hormones, as part of a prescribed hormone replacement therapy at SONI Medical. It can help to restore hormones in more youthful levels. Thus resulting in more energy, better memory, a healthier heart, stronger bones, and better sexual health.


Soni Medical, Brooklyn, NY

Soni Medical, Brooklyn, NY

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