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Allergy testing is the most efficient way to find out if you’re one of the 50 million-plus Americans suffering from allergies. At Soni Medical in the Midwood neighborhood of Brooklyn and the Jamaica area of Queens, skilled physician Prabhat Soni, MD, and the team offer both skin and blood allergy testing, as well as immunotherapy to treat your specific allergies. Book your appointment by calling either New York City office or using online scheduling now.

Allergy Testing Q & A

Allergy testing at Soni Medical includes either skin or blood tests.

Skin tests

Skin tests involve creating small pricks in your skin. The Soni Medical team places tiny amounts of a suspected allergen on each prick site. If you’re allergic to one of the tested substances, your skin swells up at the site within around 20 minutes. Skin tests can check your reaction to up to 40 different allergens at one time.

Blood tests

Blood tests are very straightforward. A member of the Soni Medical team takes some of your blood, usually from your arm, and then uses laboratory testing to determine what your allergens are.

Both skin tests and blood tests are helpful for allergy testing, so you may need both, depending on your situation. For example, testing for gluten and lactose allergies, an important part of the medical weight loss program at Soni Medical, is done with blood testing.

But, if you’re testing for airborne allergies like pet dander, pollen, or mold, the skin test is generally preferred.

After the allergy tests reveal your allergens, the Soni Medical team can personalize a solution for you. Immunotherapy, which involves allergy shots in most cases, is a very effective way to build your tolerance to the allergen until it no longer triggers allergic symptoms.

If you have food allergies, you’ll likely need to make some changes in the way that you eat. Dr. Soni and the team can help you make the necessary changes to feel and be healthy.

Allergy immunotherapy generally has two phases.

Build up

In the build up phase, you get allergy injections once or twice a week. This phase can vary with each patient, but in general, it usually takes around 3-6 months.


The maintenance phase starts after the Soni Medical team determines the ideal maintenance dosage. This dosage is enough to keep your allergy sensitivity under control, thereby preventing miserable allergy symptoms. Usually, in the maintenance phase, you have allergy shots once or twice a month.

If allergy immunotherapy successfully controls your allergies, you may continue with the maintenance phase for three to five years.

For allergy testing and treatment, call Soni Medical or book your appointment online today.


Soni Medical, Brooklyn, NY

Soni Medical, Brooklyn, NY

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