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Sexual health is a highly personal subject, and that’s why you need a skilled sexual health expert to personalize your treatment approach. At Soni Medical, board-certified sexual wellness specialist Prabhat Soni, MD, and the team offer comprehensive sexual health treatments, including the O-Shot®, P-Shot®, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, shockwave therapy, and erectile dysfunction injections, to help you reclaim an active sex life. Soni Medical has two locations in the Midwood neighborhood of Brooklyn and in Jamaica, Queens. Call either New York City office today or click the online scheduler today.

Sexual Health Q & A

Soni Medical offers a variety of discreet treatments for men’s sexual dysfunction. Options include:


The P-Shot or Priapus Shot is a simple and easy treatment that uses platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to improve the length, girth, and straightness of your penis. The P-Shot also improves circulation and penile sensation.

The P-Shot is a great solution for incomplete erections, lack of penile sensation, and poor arousal. It also helps prescription medications like Viagra® or Cialis® work even better.


GAINSWave is a proven protocol for improved sexual performance. It’s effective for erectile dysfunction but is also a good solution for any man who wants to boost his sexual pleasure and performance.

GAINSWave uses mild shockwaves (high-frequency sound waves) to break up plaque within the penile blood vessels while prompting new blood vessel growth around your penis. This increases penile blood flow and improves sexual function. It can give you more sensation, more spontaneous erections, improved erections, and better orgasms.

Bioidentical hormone replacement

Soni Medical offers bioidentical hormone replacement that replaces your lost testosterone (a common issue as you age) with new testosterone in pellet form. Bioidentical hormone replacement duplicates the testosterone that is in your body naturally and restores you to the same levels you had in your youth, which includes improved sexual function.


BiMix and TriMix are injectable medications that produce erections on-demand. The Soni Medical team teaches you how to administer the injections at home, so you can produce an erection in anywhere from 5-20 minutes. BiMix and TriMix can be a good solution if you’re not a good candidate for P-Shot or other treatments.

Soni Medical also offers a spray to help you maintain your erection.

The Soni Medical team has also created an innovative Peyronie’s disease plaque treatment involving intralesional injections derived from rich mesenchymal stem cells and growth factors.

Whether you’re dealing with erectile dysfunction or you simply want to have a more vibrant sex life, Soni Medical can help.

For women, Soni Medical offers several solutions, including:


The O-Shot® uses platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to revitalize blood flow, sensation, and lubrication in the vaginal area. With the O-Shot, you can get relief for problems that commonly plague many women around the time of menopause, such as vaginal dryness, mild urinary stress incontinence, pain during sex, and vaginal laxity.


GAINSWave mini shockwave therapy can be just as effective for women as it is for men. It boosts your circulation, improves sensitivity, and helps you enjoy improved orgasms.

Bioidentical hormone replacement

Bioidentical hormone replacement can restore your hormone levels to the same healthy levels you had as a young woman. This can improve your sexual wellness by boosting desire and improving your sexual function overall.

Soni Medical also offers other options for female sexual wellness, including prescription medications, wing lift using dermal fillers, and specialized compounds like Scream Cream.

You discuss your concerns and goals with Dr. Soni in detail. Depending on your symptoms or needs, you may need testing to check blood flow, hormone levels, or other aspects of your sexual health. The dedicated Soni Medical team provides discreet, compassionate care at all times.

Book an appointment with online scheduling or call either Soni Medical location today for expert sexual health treatment.


Soni Medical, Brooklyn, NY

Soni Medical, Brooklyn, NY

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